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Registration Protocol

Local User

  • Definition: Local Users are people working in Princeton University laboratories.
  • Obtaining a database account: Fill in the registration form to request an account. No database access will be given without the approval of the PI of the lab to which you say you belong.
  • Access: Local Users have the possibility to view their own private data in PUMAdb, and data from other members of their lab, and to enter experiments.
  • Note: Once a Local User has an account set-up, they can request that an account be set-up for any of their collaborators. However please note that the Local User will be the contact person for the collaborator and will be responsible for entering all their data.


  • Definition: Collaborators are people working outside of Princeton University directly on a project with someone at Princeton University. They must be sponsored by a Local User.
  • Obtaining an account: Accounts for collaborators are obtained by filling out the registration form. One of the curators will contact you within one business day with your password and account details after the Local User with whom you collaborate has verified the collaboration.
  • Access: The collaborator can see only the experiments specifically selected by the Local User with whom they collaborate. A collaborator will not be able to enter any data. All data must be entered by a Local User.

Update Contact Information

    Please, keep your contact information current. If you have a new address, e-mail, etc., you can update it: find and select your name under the List Data/Users link on our Search and Analyze page and follow the 'Edit user Information' link on the bottom of the page.